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Find your dream home & be a homeowner.

Empowering individuals to rent a home while building towards ownership through transparent and reliable blockchain technology. Say goodbye to traditional rent-to-own obstacles with BlackCove.

Begin your path to ownership today—no fees, no credit worries. Simple and swift!

Get on the path to homeownership

Apply in minutes.

Get prequalified for a home-shopping budget. It’s free, there’s no commitment, and it doesn’t impact your credit score.

Find your dream home.

With your budget in hand, go shopping for your new home (with us or your own). BlackCove buys it with an all-cash offer, and the keys are yours.

Move in and make it yours.

Rent your new home from us while you get ready to own it, with built-in savings for your down payment each month.

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Revolutionizing Rent-to-Own

Secure and Transparent Process

Experience a new way to rent-to-own with BlackCove decentralized service on the ethereum blockchain. Say goodbye to traditional issues and hello to a future home ownership.

Effortless Homeownership Journey

Let BlackCove guide you through a seamless rent-to-own process, where every rent payment brings you closer to owning your dream home. Trust in our transparent and secure system.

Empowering Homebuyers Everywhere

Join BlackCove in creating a more accessible path to homeownership for everyone. With our non-transferable ethereum token, you can trust in fair and reliable transactions.

Discover the future of home ownership with our decentralized rent-to-own service on the ethereum blockchain. Say goodbye to traditional rent-to-own issues and secure your dream home today!

Life-changing experience

Home: Where Your Story Begins

Start living in the home you’ve always wanted now, and watch your BlackCove rent build your future down payment, paving the way to ownership in just 36 months!

Change of mind? It's okay

Whenever you’re ready, you can buy your home at a preset price. Or if life changes, walk away (with a 60-day notice) and keep your built-in savings (minus a relisting fee).

Speed-up your process 

BlackCove: Paving Your Path to Homeownership, No Perfect Credit Required!